my lifestyle approach

Capturing beauty in the chaos of real life

Focusing on family photography that can frame more than a second in time. We are capturing everyday moments that make up the story of your life right now.

I see the in-between moments. Your photos will show the connection, the relationships.

Your session is going to document not just faces, but the interactions between you as a family. Think about the seconds that happen leading up to and after everyone turning and saying “cheese” and that is what I want you to remember and have keepsakes of.

This is going to be focused around being comfortable as a family and experiencing real moments like you do when I am not around. But, I am going to help you celebrate the ordinary, the morning routines, meal time, trips to the park, crafting, or just hanging out in bed for what it really is – quality, fabulous, YOU.

A Creative Alternative

Imagination Sessions

Childhood is meant to be filled with imagination, creativity and fun.

One of my favorite memories growing up was of my friends and I going through my closet filled with dresses from my aunts, costumes from my performance years, and all the rest of my clothes and coming out in the craziest outfits. We had so much fun running around in a creation of our own designs.

During imagination sessions I get to see that joy and inspiration all over again in young children. Dressing up as dragons, super heroes, princesses or all of the above at once. I want to give your child the freedom to see themselves as they imagine and have photos to remember that day forever.

Hi, I'm Carolyn!

Retired Wedding Photographer turned MomTog and embracing it!

I am a family photographer who works out of the North Shore suburbs of Chicago. I specialize in lifestyle family photography and children’s imagination sessions.

Finding the balance in my everyday between taking photos and experiencing life with my family has inspired me to want to give the same gift to others. Your family should be able to have you present and still get photos to cherish of those moments.

I am a mom. I am an artist. And, I want to be your next family photographer.
Let’s create some memories.


We are here to challenge “normal” family photography. We are here to focus on you, your story, snapshots in time of reality.
This is your time capsule to show your kids who you all really are through the years.


video by Jacob Durbin

Chaos Coordinator

Where some see chaos, I cherish the beauty in those everyday moments. Where others see mess, I see wonderful memories being made. Reality can be all these things all at the same. I am here to help tell your story.

Imagination Advisor

Dragons, superheros, princesses OH MY!
Let’s show them they can be whatever they can dream. Even if it is all those things at once. We are only limited by what they can imagine.

Memory Maker

Don’t let your photos disappear on a computer drive. We see the full magic of our sessions through photobooks and prints.

Let's Tell Your Story!

Sleep in Saturdays, donut picnics on the kitchen floor, dance parties!
Fill out this form and we will start making your everyday moments into memories!

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