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Hard Times
  • Hard Times

  • Reading through my blogs from the trip 6 years ago, I realized something. It is something I have noticed from other blogs written by 1st time volunteers visiting Africa as well. There is a much more negative tone. They tend to highlight things that go wrong in[...]
Fathers Of Africa
  • Fathers Of Africa

  • Men in Africa get a bad rap. There are many negative stereotypes that float around media that causes this. One might assume that the reason I rarely, if ever, ran into the father’s of the households I called my homes along my journey is because they are off ga[...]
Well Well Well
  • Well Well Well

  • URCSF - Rakai - Uganda It is raining now, but when it stops you would never be able to tell rain came down at all. The land is so dry, it soaks up any would be puddles in minutes, leaving no traces of rainfall. There are “ponds” here and there if you ventur[...]
Take One Down Pass It Around
  • Take One Down Pass It Around

  • URCSF - Rakai - Uganda Sustainability is the name of the game here in Masaka’s rural villages of Rakai. The projects that Peter, the founder, runs are not just aimed at giving a poor community food, nor is it just about teaching them how to properly use wha[...]
The Sting of Regret
  • The Sting of Regret

  • URCSF - Rakai - Uganda When choosing between two reactions on how to deal with bees, one based on years of experience telling you to stay still and the other based on people who run beehives on a daily basis tell you to move away quickly, next time I am goi[...]