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Nailing Spring Break Photos
  • Nailing Spring Break Photos

  • I recently shared on my facebook page “How to look awesome in family vacation photos.” This article from Peanut Blossom focused on some great how tos on posing ideas for those vacation photos and inspired me to write this post. Just in time for Spring Break[...]
Hard Times
  • Hard Times

  • Reading through my blogs from the trip 6 years ago, I realized something. It is something I have noticed from other blogs written by 1st time volunteers visiting Africa as well. There is a much more negative tone. They tend to highlight things that go wrong in[...]
If You Give A Monkey A Banana
  • If You Give A Monkey A Banana

  • If I was asked where to go for a safari based off my experiences, I would hands down say Masai Mara in Kenya over the Serengeti in Tanzania. The Serengeti is a beautiful place. The scenery is something amazing to take in. But, as far as a safari goes, it fell [...]
On The Count Of Three
  • On The Count Of Three

  • Washington DC I believe most people would be surprised to know that I am a timid person when it comes to taking risks. I also think most people would not believe me when I say it takes me a long time to finally come to a decision. Seeing as by the time I am[...]
A Little About Me
  • A Little About Me

  • San Francisco - California I am lucky to have an amazingly understanding husband. We have been together for over seven years now. This means he had been incredibly understanding from the moment I told him I wanted to go to Kenya, Africa to teach at an orpha[...]
The Plan
  • The Plan

  • San Francisco - California So, it was not so much a plan as it was a decision that needed to be made. My first trip to Africa was well timed and fortuitous that my now husband was relocating to San Francisco and I had hit a peak in my career with my curr[...]