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The Downside
  • The Downside

  • Stella Maris - Moshi - Tanzania Two volunteers left the Tanzania project when I still had some time left. They had been there for over two months working on the library. There was a big to do about them leaving. Songs were sung, hugs were had, tears were sh[...]
What I Wouldn't Give
  • What I Wouldn't Give

  • Stella Maris - Moshi - Tanzania People of all ages and backgrounds all like at times avoiding doing things they HAVE to do. I see it in the corporate and retail world a lot. Give someone a project they HAVE to do, they will put it off and do all sorts of ot[...]
A Balabaloo And A Library, Too
  • A Balabaloo And A Library, Too

  • Stella Maris - Moshi - Tanzania The Library at Stella Maris Markers and crayons and books up to wazoo Paper and pencils and art supplies too Donations of education fill up this room But of other supplies, we were missing a few No tables, no carpets, [...]
Knowing What We Know
  • Knowing What We Know

  • Stella Maris - Moshi - Tanzania I used to see it every day in meetings in the business world. A volunteer is asked of the group for something, a suggestion, an opinion, an answer. No one wants to step up to the plate. A question is asked and people avoid ey[...]