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An Event To Remember
  • An Event To Remember

  • When you are planning out an event there are a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of balls to be juggled. Do I get it catered or try to make the food myself. What time should the food be served, all at once or rolling out? What types of decorations will I[...]
So, You Had A Baby
  • So, You Had A Baby

  • No, this is not a parenting advice blog. Well, it is not your typical parenting advice blog of what to do now that you have a new bundle of joy in the house. It is advice based on what I do know: the right time to get your baby's photo taken. A big point [...]
Getting all the Group in Group Photos
  • Getting all the Group in Group Photos

  • The gang's all here! Weddings, Family Reunions, Birthdays, are all great excuses to get big groups of people together that may not otherwise be all in one place at one time. What better way to commemorate these notable events than with some photos. But, with[...]
Smash That Cake
  • Smash That Cake

  • You cannot believe it, but it has been a full year since a new little person came into your life.  A child’s first birthday has plenty of things to think about including planning a party to celebrate with your friends and family. It is one of many mileston[...]
Photo Spots in Livermore, CA
  • Photo Spots in Livermore, CA

  • Livermore is growing in popularity lately for its growing downtown area. But, I still feel it goes relatively unknown for it's wine. This is good for me, but bad for everyone else that misses out on it. It keeps the weekends easier for me to have a relaxing [...]