Make it all about you!


Mini sessions are different than full sessions. Obviously, they are shorter and the number of photos you get vary from a full session. But, the biggest difference is mini sessions lack a certain amount of flexibility that more time provides you. That limited amount of time means there is less time to play around and a fixed location.

If you want to know how to properly prepare your kids and yourselves for that shorter time please be sure and read Success and the Short Session.

What I want to talk about here is making the most out of a mini for your family. It is the holidays so of course I have my holiday props. We have signs, ornaments, chairs. But I can only bring so much and these are props that I feel work well with most families.


For my Libertyville Sessions: If you have not seen it, this year my dad helped me make an awesome teepee for our set. I will have a few holiday pillows and blankets and hot cocoa mugs with marshmallows and candy canes.

My California session set is still in the works as transporting said teepee is not going to happy via plane.

What you can think about bringing are small things that can make your holiday photo yours. Here is where you can come in with your own ideas:


Bring a favorite holiday (or non holiday) toy to snuggle up with while you have a hot cocoa party. If your kid has a favorite wubby that they will not let go of, instead of tears by taking that away, we can incorporate it in the shoot.


A quilt or blanket of your own that you can wrap around all of you to get a warm fuzzy family feel going on with your photos.


Books or ornaments or other holiday paraphernalia that you can hold and read together.


Think of how your clothes can make this more you – accessorize, hats, scarves, boots.

One of my props that can be made personalized. Think about what you might want to write on a chalkboard a head of time. I always bring one and I ask families in the session, but I know it can be hard to be creative on the spot. So start thinking now.


Lastly any favorite holiday treats for you and the kids (and maybe left overs for the photographer) 😀 can always make for a sweet casual photo and happy happy kids.

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