Success & the Short Session


So you signed up for a mini session. If you have not had experience with shorter photo sessions, you may find yourself a little anxious about getting everything you want in just under 20 minutes. I am here to ease your mind.

Just because you have less time behind the camera does not mean you are lessening your chance for that picture perfect holiday card. I have some quick hints to help you be successful with your shorter session.


1. Prepare the family before – Get your family animated about the shoot. Talk about how exciting it is to get photos taken before and on the day of.

2. Come a little early – We have a little time between each session. We want to make sure we can start each session on time so no precious minutes are wasted. Sometimes it takes everyone a little time to warm up in front of the camera, or cool down from a stressful car ride over. Use these extra minutes to let everyone loosen up and get any grumps out.

2014_12 Opsal-4b

3. Think of poses and groupings you want before hand. I will come up with ideas on where to move and pose you, but feel free to tell me before hand if you have anything in mind. I want to know what makes you comfortable and what is your family’s style.

4. Talk to me. If I try to make you do something that may not work with you or the kids, please let me know. Sooner is better than after we have uncomfortable smiles or crying children (or parents).

2014 Moy xmas-5

5. Feed the kiddos before hand and bring snacks/treats/bribes. I know this may not be the way some families work, so feel free to ignore this one, but if you are going to offer treats for being good, be sure that you are able to back it up between shots or scene switches. Kids catch on fast and having that instant reward can be a lot more effective than a far off promise.

6. Be aware of the weather. You may want to plan coordinating jackets/coats/scarves/hats for outdoor photos unless you know you ALL will be good braving the weather without. On that note, if you have questions about what to wear, please refer to my previous blog.

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