Photo Spots in Livermore, CA


Livermore is growing in popularity lately for its growing downtown area. But, I still feel it goes relatively unknown for it’s wine. This is good for me, but bad for everyone else that misses out on it. It keeps the weekends easier for me to have a relaxing weekend wine tasting, but the rest of you are missing out on some great red wines.

This post is not about the amazingness of Livermore’s wine country though. It is how the wine country makes for some beautiful backdrops to your photos. I have a few favorites with the pros and the cons.

3_26blog6bFamily photos on the steps at Wente Vinyards

Pros: Great locations for photos. Most are inherently beautiful because they are surrounded by fields of flowers and grapevines.
Cons: Crowded and some wineries may not like you using their area for photos if you are not tasting or purchasing wine.

Some of my favorite wineries to visit for photos*:
– Wente
– Steven Kent
– Boa Ventura
– Tenuda

*I have never had an issue taking photos at these locations, but that does not mean they are guaranteed to not ask you to leave.

3_26blog2My favorite rock wall to take photos on.

Tesla Road
Pros: Many of the side road have amazing rock walls and trees with vineyards in the background that make for a very picturesque scene.
Cons: Depending on the timing of the day, you may be dealing with some harsh shadows or lighting. Make sure to ask your photographer their thoughts or be prepared to change locale if the light is not working.

3_26BlogSycamore Grove Park Tree

Sycamore Grove
Pros: There are great places to take photos all over this park. Bridges, paths, streams, and oh the variety of trees! The trees serve as a great backdrop for family photos or something to have the kids climb up and pose on.
Cons: Need to pay and submit at least 2 weeks in advance for a photo permit. Also, parking permit/pay for parking is required. I have seen them ticket!

3_26blog7Path into Sycamore Grove Park

There are plenty more amazing places to take photographs in Livermore, including downtown in the square, but these are my favorites. Be sure to share with me your choices in the comments as I am always looking to discover new prime spots.

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