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Smash That Cake
  • Smash That Cake

  • You cannot believe it, but it has been a full year since a new little person came into your life.  A child’s first birthday has plenty of things to think about including planning a party to celebrate with your friends and family. It is one of many mileston[...]
Photo Spots in Livermore, CA
  • Photo Spots in Livermore, CA

  • Livermore is growing in popularity lately for its growing downtown area. But, I still feel it goes relatively unknown for it's wine. This is good for me, but bad for everyone else that misses out on it. It keeps the weekends easier for me to have a relaxing [...]
Have I Gone Vintage
  • Have I Gone Vintage

  • My two addictions battle it out for my dollars I recently closed out one of my storage units. It has been a devoted house for much of which does not fit into my small San Francisco apartment, but I refuse to let go of. Among the countless boxes of things th[...]
Nailing Spring Break Photos
  • Nailing Spring Break Photos

  • I recently shared on my facebook page “How to look awesome in family vacation photos.” This article from Peanut Blossom focused on some great how tos on posing ideas for those vacation photos and inspired me to write this post. Just in time for Spring Break[...]
New Website!
  • New Website!

  • I am excited to be unveiling my new website.  Along with the new redesign comes my latest photoshoot for Groundwork Opportunities.  To see the pictures that I took for their latest soiree, head on over to the gallery. This year, GO was proud to announce two[...]