If You Give A Monkey A Banana

2013-safari-3If I was asked where to go for a safari based off my experiences, I would hands down say Masai Mara in Kenya over the Serengeti in Tanzania. The Serengeti is a beautiful place. The scenery is something amazing to take in. But, as far as a safari goes, it fell short of the expectaions that my safari through the Masai Mara set years before. The three parks I visited in Tanzania, Serengeti, Ngorogoro, and Lake Manyara were gorgeous. If I had seen more animals, they would have been wonderful backdrops for new photos. My last time around, my photos were mostly focused on the animals and not creating an overall picture of a scene. I was hoping this time around, armed with a new camera and new gear, it would be different. And, it was. I have a lot of scenery shots with now animals, or more of the same animals over and over (impala, the African deer).

The lack of animals I saw, especially the lack of monkeys, was shocking to me. Of course, the one amazing photo that was thrown in front of my face, I was not prepared to capture. And while it was not split second timing, I was not fast enough to respond. Here is the story describing the photo I missed as told in “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”-meter.

If you give a vegetarian a breakfast full of meat, she is going to ask for some fruit.
When you give her the fruit, she will probably ask you for some bananas.
When she is finished, she will want to keep a banana to make sure she doesn’t go hungry later in the day.
When she takes the banana, she might hide it in the back pocket of the seat in front of her.
When she looks outside the car she will notice some animals.
So she will probably ask the driver to stop. When the driver stops, she will want to take some photos of a monkey in a tree nearby.
She will start taking photos and might get carried away and not notice how close the monkey is getting. The monkey may even end up jumping ON the jeep and INTO her lap. When that happens, she will probably start screaming.

You will have to realize the monkey is after the banana in the seat pocket and shooing it away will do no good until he has it in his little hands and has jumped out of the jeep onto the road.
The monkey will crawl on the the road and peel the banana in front of everyone.
When he takes each bite, he will look up at all of you with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes.
He will savor each bite as you watch him. When you drive away, he will follow you slowly.
Then he will swing on the trees along the road tailing you subtly.
Which means he is looking for more food.
Looking at the monkey, it will remind the vegetarian that she is hungry. So she will ask for lunch.
And, the chances are if she asks you for lunch, she is going to want a banana to go with it.