What I Wouldn’t Give

2013-tanzania-296Stella Maris – Moshi – Tanzania

People of all ages and backgrounds all like at times avoiding doing things they HAVE to do. I see it in the corporate and retail world a lot. Give someone a project they HAVE to do, they will put it off and do all sorts of other things besides that one thing. Performance reviews, documentation, taking a test, writing down notes are all easy tasks that eventually have to get done and usually have a pretty good lead time of knowing it needs to be done. But, the due date rolls around and I see people scrambling to turn in final products. Overall, I do not find that they are goofing off in this in between time before it is due. They are most likely doing something productive that even takes more time and effort. But, they are not doing what they feel they HAVE to do.

This is something I have noticed recently starts in childhood and we never grow out of. I see it everyday in the children here when it comes to naps. As an adult, I would love to have a nap in the middle of the day, right after lunch. But, these kids would rather be doing chores than take a nap. We have class, then playtime, porridge, then a nap. Porridge the kids are happy to have as it may be their only meal all day. When it comes to a nap though, they have to go to the bathroom, they have to finish the problem set from before, or they even want to help clean up the cups and the floor. That is right. These kids volunteer, jump out of their seats at the chance to do the dishes. All of this to get out of taking a nap. They will even pull a “I have to go to the bathroom” come back and try to sneak into the kids that are in charge of cleaning.