A Balabaloo And A Library, Too

Stella Maris – Moshi – Tanzania

The Library at Stella Maris

Markers and crayons and books up to wazoo
Paper and pencils and art supplies too
Donations of education fill up this room
But of other supplies, we were missing a few
No tables, no carpets, no shelves for books
Supplies have no storage and coats have no hooks
No paint, No color, the walls were quite bare
Sitting on the floor was a must because we hadn’t a chair
Don’t worry! Don’t Fret! Don’t Cry! Said the volunteers
We have solved the problem and things of many will soon be here

The furniture they brought was clean and pretty
The books, now on shelves, organized from difficult to easy
They scrubbed the floor. They pained the walls.
They separated supplies. They organized it all.
Every place had  thing and everything had its place
The once blank room was now a beautifully decorated space
Everyone was excited for the opening day
In the new library we couldn’t wait to learn and play
We learned a dance, got some gifts
We read books aloud and took turns of it

This new library is amazing and oh so fun
We will be learning in it for years to come!

I wrote this post as a poem because I was inspired by the books we read to the children. While choosing books to read to each class we kept picking at least one Dr. Suess title for each session (4 in total). While this was a favorite of all of the volunteers, near the end (a little late) we realized this probably was not the best choice for children learning english with words like Thneed, Truffala, Weehawken, and on it goes.

Overall, watching the children enjoy the new library on the day it opened was amazing. The two volunteers that made it possible did such a great job. The amazingness continued throughout my stay at Stella Maris. We actually had to alternate which class was allowed in during playtime. All of them wanted to come in and READ! The size of the library, the sanity of the volunteer manning it, and the cleanliness of the room could not sustain all the children at once.