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What I Wouldn't Give
  • What I Wouldn't Give

  • Stella Maris - Moshi - Tanzania People of all ages and backgrounds all like at times avoiding doing things they HAVE to do. I see it in the corporate and retail world a lot. Give someone a project they HAVE to do, they will put it off and do all sorts of ot[...]
Fathers Of Africa
  • Fathers Of Africa

  • Men in Africa get a bad rap. There are many negative stereotypes that float around media that causes this. One might assume that the reason I rarely, if ever, ran into the father’s of the households I called my homes along my journey is because they are off ga[...]
A Balabaloo And A Library, Too
  • A Balabaloo And A Library, Too

  • Stella Maris - Moshi - Tanzania The Library at Stella Maris Markers and crayons and books up to wazoo Paper and pencils and art supplies too Donations of education fill up this room But of other supplies, we were missing a few No tables, no carpets, [...]