On Parade

Blog Photo-1TRO – Muhanga – Rwanda

While in Kenya and Uganda, Muzungu (word for non African) was definitely shouted at me while people, kids really, pointed. It never seemed angry, but it never seemed welcoming for further contact either. In Rwanda, I feel like I am a dignitary or a famous person constantly on parade. While walking or riding on a moto taxi, my hand was constantly raised waving back at all the people waving and smiling at me. I even had kids high five me while I was on the back of a moto taxi going down their road. And, it was not just kids. Everyone waved, said hello, wanted high fives or handshakes, pay respects, ask me questions and take photos with me.

End of Rwanda high and lows:
Favorite Thing: So difficult, there are so many! Kids singing Que Sera for me AND the Coop Day.
Biggest Regret: Leaving so soon!
What I learned: I need to learn French or Kinyrwandan before I come back again
What I taught: Hopskotch and Que Sera

I am able to say the following with great confidence as I have already been in Tanzania for two weeks now. I want to say I LOVED things about every project and the people I worked with at each site and I would not trade my time at any of them. But, I wish I had more time in Rwanda. It was my favorite experience thus far including my trip here six years ago. I am sad it was such a short adventure there.