The Children Of Amizero

Blog Photo-7TRO – Muhanga – Rwanda

The children of Amizero Academy have amazing stories to tell. I could tell you sad stories about them, the struggles them and their families face. But, I will not. Instead, I am going to tell you about their lives and who they are as children. Their mothers all belong to the TRO cooperative. These women have faced some hard times in order to qualify to participate in the cooperative, but they all lead extraordinary lives doing great projects now. Some brew and sell beer at the markets, some take care of pigs for a pig farm, others sew clothing for the school children.

Their children go to a pretty amazing school that is just in its beginning stages. Amizero Academy currently has 50 students in preschool and kindergarten classes. The school is focused on helping vulnerable children, mostly girls, benefit from a high quality education. It is a school taught and run by community members living in Muhanga. While there is not an abundant amount of resources, the kids get to come, learn, eat porridge and play every day. They like sports, watching movies, fighting over toys, getting good marks on papers, and being called on in class.

The goal of the school is to be the top school in the Muhanga community in test scores and technology. Right now they only have 2 grades, but they are working to expand at least one grade per year so the students currently enrolled stay at this school up to 8th grade.

I have been inspired by the “Stop the Pity, Unlock the Potential” campaign as well as the positive outlook the children have everyday they come to school. I do not want to make people sad with what I write about these children. All of these projects I continue to work with are about communities creating opportunities for people in their communities. I hope to raise money and support these projects. But to do so, I hope to inspire and not dishearten. I hope I can convey the hope that these groups and children inspire. I hope you will join me.

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Funds will be going to educational toys and learning materials, uniforms, and the eventual expansion of the school.