Resources At Hand

Blog Photo-4TRO – Muhanga – Rwanda

One of the things I love about the projects I have visited so far is that they were started by and continue to be run by people on the ground in the communities the projects benefit. Each one has its own strengths and opportunities. Each one has certain resources that another may lack. But, a lot of what resources they need to focus their funding on is based on what the government tells them is important.

Kenya’s school is by far the most crowded in the smallest space. It appears to not have enough teachers for the number of classes or students. It does have a clinic on site. It has a learning library for students and adults. They have put together a choir and drawing club for the children. The older children even have the chance to participate in economic projects to help support their families and keep them busy during school breaks and weekends. The children also receive lunch at school.

Rwanda’s school by comparison on the outside looks like a state of the art institution. There are only 25 students per class, a teacher in every class and a social worker to help during playtime. These children even have laptops. It is a push from the government based on the “One Laptop per Child” initiative. It is a project that has proved unsuccessful in other 3rd world nations. When governments throw their support and funding behind initiatives such as these, schools lose out on other essentials. Amizero’s students only have one uniform to get them through the whole week. They have to bring in their own porridge for snack time and their own books to write in. This means some students come to school with no school supplies or food. Luckily, the children are open to sharing with those who have not, but the sustainability of that is questionable.

Kenya’s new president has promised to now implement One Laptop per Child in Kenya in his inauguration speech in April. So, we will see where that takes the Kenya school system and what may be sacrificed to make room for it.

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