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Resources At Hand
  • Resources At Hand

  • TRO - Muhanga - Rwanda One of the things I love about the projects I have visited so far is that they were started by and continue to be run by people on the ground in the communities the projects benefit. Each one has its own strengths and opportunities. E[...]
Repeat Repeat Repeat
  • Repeat Repeat Repeat

  • TRO - Muhanga - Rwanda I have never been officially trained in the art of teaching. I helped out setting up the preschool my mother owned and ran. I was a camp counselor at a YMCA camp. I tutored middle school when I was in High School. I even was a volunte[...]
Education Is Our Way Forward
  • Education Is Our Way Forward

  • TRO - Muhanga - Rwanda My hosts in Rwanda had a surprise for me on my schedule in the middle of my second week. They would not tell me where we were going even on the morning of as we boarded the bus. All I knew is that we would take a bus for 2 hours to ge[...]
The Children Of Amizero
  • The Children Of Amizero

  • TRO - Muhanga - Rwanda The children of Amizero Academy have amazing stories to tell. I could tell you sad stories about them, the struggles them and their families face. But, I will not. Instead, I am going to tell you about their lives and who they are as [...]
Well Well Well
  • Well Well Well

  • URCSF - Rakai - Uganda It is raining now, but when it stops you would never be able to tell rain came down at all. The land is so dry, it soaks up any would be puddles in minutes, leaving no traces of rainfall. There are “ponds” here and there if you ventur[...]