Drawing The Life They Want

Blog Photo-11Changing Times – Kibera – Kenya

One of the other volunteers I was working with, Sunny Yang, asked a group of kids grades six through eight who are in Drawing Club to do two drawings for her over the course of an hour. One was draw what you want to be when you grow up. Second was draw a picture of your house.

Sunny had hoped to get some creativity into the stringent learning day the kids usually have to face. She came prepared with pads of papers and lots of colorful markers. But, as they are in school, these kids are serious about their drawings. When it came to the house, most refused to use the markers provided. They wanted to use their pencils, rulers and erasers in order to make the perfect house. These houses were drawn with angles, perspectives, and lined up everything just so. When Sunny insisted they use color, the kids got around that rule most of the time by just adding green grass or trees around the house.

The only thing is, while the houses they drew were lovely, the were definitely not a representation of their actual house in Kibera. Maybe it is how they see their house in their minds eye, but I think more accurately, it is the house they hope to have when they grow up.

I hope it is too.

Since it is the end of the Kenya leg of my journey
Favorite Thing: Watching the Juice project from start to finish
Least Favorite Thing: Time spent navigating the actual city of Nairobi on the way to the bus.
What I learned I learned: How to make a quilt
What I Taught: How to use a blender properly