A School Of A Difference

Blog Photo-13Changing Times – Kibera – Kenya

The last time I was in Kenya, I was at an orphanage/school that was located off a remote road in a neighboring town to Nairobi called Ngong. While my accommodations for the stay are nicer this trip (mostly due to the fact there is wifi and different food for every meal), I am not staying AT the school as I was last time. When it comes to the differences in school quality, Huruma definitely wins out.

Huruma had a lot of land on which to build their school. They even had a separate building for the 8th grade class. There were about 150 students and all of their uniforms were always washed and in tact. Do not misunderstand, Huruma is a school that houses orphans. They are in need just like many schools, but they are lucky to have had generous, continuous benefactors for more years and from more places than the school I am at now.

The building that houses Kibera’s Changing Times primary school is maybe 1/6 (actually probably smaller) of the size of the building that houses the K through 7 grades at Huruma. Yet, they have almost 400 students in attendance. Only one classroom has actual desks. The rest are more like the tables you would see in a school lunch room.

I remember the #1 question I heard last time was “is it sad?/are the children sad?”. The answer is still no. These kids get to go to school, where they get a meal (which is possibly all they get for the day). They have the chance to learn and play (a little). I think the time they are probably happiest is when they are at school.