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Take One Down Pass It Around
  • Take One Down Pass It Around

  • URCSF - Rakai - Uganda Sustainability is the name of the game here in Masaka’s rural villages of Rakai. The projects that Peter, the founder, runs are not just aimed at giving a poor community food, nor is it just about teaching them how to properly use wha[...]
The Sting of Regret
  • The Sting of Regret

  • URCSF - Rakai - Uganda When choosing between two reactions on how to deal with bees, one based on years of experience telling you to stay still and the other based on people who run beehives on a daily basis tell you to move away quickly, next time I am goi[...]
Drawing The Life They Want
  • Drawing The Life They Want

  • Changing Times - Kibera - Kenya One of the other volunteers I was working with, Sunny Yang, asked a group of kids grades six through eight who are in Drawing Club to do two drawings for her over the course of an hour. One was draw what you want to be when y[...]
Changing Lives At Changing Times
  • Changing Lives At Changing Times

  • Changing Times - Kibera - Kenya There is not a whole lot of unused space in Kibera. Changing times uses the small space they have about as best they can. This means doubling classrooms in the primary school as lunch rooms and break rooms.  The library doubl[...]
A School Of A Difference
  • A School Of A Difference

  • Changing Times - Kibera - Kenya The last time I was in Kenya, I was at an orphanage/school that was located off a remote road in a neighboring town to Nairobi called Ngong. While my accommodations for the stay are nicer this trip (mostly due to the fact the[...]
Sewing a Future Pt 2
  • Sewing a Future Pt 2

  • Changing Times - Kibera - Kenya I paid close attention to the teacher as she cut long lengths of fabric and laid it out for one of her students. That day I observed and learned the basics of sewing a quilt. The teacher estimated that if she was sewing, it w[...]