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Sewing A Future
  • Sewing A Future

  • Changing Times - Kibera - Kenya The Sewing Room looks like it could belong in a museum that is staging a display akin to the 40’s, almost pre typing school. The machines are old, many of which could be sold as antiques in the States. I am pretty sure I have[...]
Kibera Revisited
  • Kibera Revisited

  • Kibera - Nairobi - Kenya It is like the new suburbia in a way. A very distant way for sure. You have dwelling after dwelling  one right next to another, close enough you could touch your neighbor through a window (if you had one). All of them look the same,[...]
On The Count Of Three
  • On The Count Of Three

  • Washington DC I believe most people would be surprised to know that I am a timid person when it comes to taking risks. I also think most people would not believe me when I say it takes me a long time to finally come to a decision. Seeing as by the time I am[...]