The Plan

1832166-R1-046-21ASan Francisco – California

So, it was not so much a plan as it was a decision that needed to be made.

My first trip to Africa was well timed and fortuitous that my now husband was relocating to San Francisco and I had hit a peak in my career with my currently company. Living in Texas proved advantageous for funding for this trip as with living prices so low, I was saving 50% of my income every paycheck. Everything lined up well with my decision, including networking with people from what would become my next company, Target, so that I knew I had a job when I came home.

Fast forward seven years later. I live in San Francisco, a much more expensive place to live, where I am lucky to save 10% of my paycheck after rent, food, and trips to the wineries. Add to that, I recently got married, which while it was an amazing event in my life, did not help on the savings front. I also had a stable job I was not totally ready to leave.

Two very different situations, but both had one thing in common: the desire to travel and make a difference. So, I gave my notice at work and started planning.