Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

2006 africa-41“It is easy to be brave when the spider is in someone else’s bed.”

During the “Lion Project” we were on a campsite. We slept in tents and had buckets for showers. And I was the only person on the project (save the guides), who had ever experienced anything like this before.

I was smart enough to grab the first (and biggest) tent offered. I found out space did not matter. Even though there was enough room for 5 people to sleep in the tent, once three girls moved in, there was barely enough room for the three of us.

Clothes were everywhere (not mine surprisingly). I was smart enough to keep my clothing in my bag, which I kept sealed to keep out any creepy crawlies. My tent mates, not used to the life outdoors, took no such precautionary tactics. I would routinely wake up to or just be startled by shrieks that rang through the campsite when one of the girls found a spider, cricket, scorpion, gecko, or some other unidentifiable crawling/flying thing embedded in their clothes.

I, of course, would calmly take charge and capture the critter and let it loose back outside the tent. All the while, I would be rolling my eyes and telling the girls there was no reason to act so silly and that the bugs would not hurt them.

That went on daily until on morning while getting dressed I found a fuzzy little spider crawling down my arm and all the sudden the high pitched scream was coming from me. I was anything but calm and collected as I flailed about trying to shake myself of my new furry friend.

I never made fun of the girls again.