The Americans Must Be Crazy

IMG_8805“If you are a pet and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater, suggest that he wear a tail.”

I have managed to convince my eighth grade class on two separate occasions that Americans are truly insane.

The first time I was going over a practice test they had completed earlier in the week. It took a lot less than the 40 minutes I had to teach and I had not received additional direction on what next week’s agenda was. I was a somewhat of a loss. Luckily I had another project for them that was not related to English class at all.

I am working with a woman in the Bronx to create an art project between her eighth grade class and mine. She wants them to draw things that remind them of the Home or of Kenya. To help them along I had them brainstorm in class what those things might be. I started writing their ideas up on the board.

Somehow, along the way, we got into what types of animals were found in America, and then, what types of pets Americans keep.

These kids were shocked to learn that people keep such things as snakes, lizards, and rodents as pets. They were even more baffled by the fact that we pay to purchase these animals. They were completely blown away that we pay for things like crickets and mice to feed these animals.

I guess I never really thought of how strange that is before. I know that rats and snakes can be a weird pet to keep to some people. But, paying for crickets, that is really odd when you think about it.

A few of them offered to bring some mice and bugs to class the next day for me. I declined.

My cat likes dry, immobile food.