The Americans Must Be Crazy #2

IMG_7818“How uncultured are we today when our kids do not know International Holidays like Talk Like A Pirate Day?”

September 19 was officially International Talk Like A Pirate Day. This was something I definitely had to share with my eighth grade English class. It turned out to be instance number two of “Are Americans really this crazy?”

After our regular lesson plan. I asked everyone if they knew what today was. Everyone answered September 19 (well almost everyone, one person said sept 16… but anyway). I then asked them if anyone knew what international holiday was on September 19. I got nothing but weird looks as an answer.

Assuming that meant no, I wrote up on the board “INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY.”

I turned around expecting the kids to be excited or laughing or something. Again, I got nothing but raised eyebrows. I tried again.

“It is International Talk Like A Pirate Day,” I announced in my most enthusiastic voice. Still, nothing. “Has anyone ever heard of a Pirate?”

Well, there was the problem. They did not know a thing about pirates. I immediately went into a brief description by drawing pictures on the board. They still were not excited. Not to be discouraged, I started with my pirate talking lessons.

We went over the basics “Arrrrr”, “Booty”, “Scaleywag”, “Wench”, “Ahoy”, “Matey” and other such common terms Pirates use.

I felt that by the end, they were getting in to it more. They were at least laughing (and while it may have been laughing at me, at least they were laughing).

Unfortunately, I did not hear the use of their new language as I saw them throughout the day. Maybe they just did not feel confident enough in the new language.

…or maybe I should have tried it with a younger class.