Bring In The Clowns

IMG_7781“It’s amazing what you can accomplish with an overwhelming confidence and little talent.”

I discovered an amazing thing the other day. I can make balloon animals. Dogs, swords, crowns, and flowers all of them, I can make out of balloons. The kids here are obsessed with balloons. They see a white person and they say “how are you?” and then “Balloon?”

They honestly do not even need it made into anything, but after one kid gets a dog, they all want a dog. For having so little, they can still be very picky. They want specific colors! And specific balloons. Some kids like the ones they can blow up themselves (just the round ol’ balloons). They quickly discovered (after not listening to me) that they could not blow up the balloon animal balloons on their own. And, handed them back to me for me to take care of.

There I was surrounded by kids jumping, whining, yelling, caving in on me, and shouting, “balloon, balloon, balloon!”

I made balloons, as fast as I could, but those things really are hard to blow up. My cheeks are still sore from it three days later.

Then, the worst thing ever happened, I ran out. So, I had to run away so the kids who did not get one did not stampede me.

I think I figured out what I am going to do for a job when I get back to San Francisco, make balloon animals at Fisherman’s Wharf.