Bad Luck Runs In Two

IMG_8824“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.”

Charlie and George are two of the newest volunteers here at Huruma. They are very sweet, just eighteen, coming from England. Their first day they were eager to go into town to buy water so they would not have to keep drinking mine.

They were so eager in fact, that they were prepared to go on their own for their first trip. Sarah and I convinced them to wait until after my class and I would take them. Unfortunately, I managed to twist/sprain my ankle and had to keep my leg up and iced for the rest of the day. Sarah convinced them to wait one more day.

The following day we headed out to the Matatu stop (uphill downhill uphill again).

Usually we wait a max 25min for a Matatu empty enough to stop. Unfortunately for Charlie and George’s first experience we were waiting over an hour before one came we could squeeze in.

We arrive in Ngong (the transfer point) and had just as much trouble finding a Matatu to continue into town. We finally got in one. In retrospect when two guys decided to get out before we left we should have as well. This Matatu decided to take some back road way to get to Karen.

40 minutes later (the drive from Ngong to Karen is usually 15min), The Matatu breaks down and we must walk the rest of the way to Karen. Poor Charlie and George had the worst first trip on a Matatu you can. I guess it is best to get it out of the way early.

Poor Charlie and George I thought. They have awful bad luck. Then I realized, it was Charlie and George that were the bad luck. I went on Safari with them a few days ago and in the middle of our 5 hour ride to the park, our van breaks down. Maybe it is just a coincidence that I have not had this much trouble in Kenya except when with them. I give them the benefit of the doubt until, on the way back from the safari, our van breaks down again.

I will never get in a moving vehicle with those two again if I am hoping to ever reach my destination.