Annoying Tests And Ridiculous Tasks

IMG_7863“All work and no play…”

Makes Carolyn one frustrated girl.

We had tests today, and have them tomorrow, and Friday. But, we had tests today. I was in charge of various classes to watch over and make sure, they do not cheat. I was not really told what I was doing except passing out and collecting tests. I was told the times to start and stop, but I was not given a watch. I waited until someone came in and told my class they should have stopped 10 minutes ago. Then I collected their papers.

The frustrating thing was not just the lack of organization, but the lack of silence. These poor kids are handed a test to take for an hour. The problem is, apparently not all of them are taking these tests. Half way through the last test of the day, kids are running around outside being loud. I go outside to hush them and there is two classrooms worth of them, without a teacher in sight.

Apparently they were doing their daily cleaning of the classrooms at the same time that half the school was taking their tests. As many times as I hushed, you just cant keep watch over one class taking a test and two classes cleaning.

Not very good planning, if you ask me. Of course, nobody did.

Which brings me to the issue of cleaning the school. MAN! if there ever was a useless task, this is it.

These kids are charged with the job of cleaning the floors and steps of the school with water and rags. As I see it, what happens is the kids get a bucket of water. They dump that rag (which is probably already dirty) in and out of the water to clean off these steps and floor, which kids are walking on directly after walking in mud or dirt that surrounds the school.

You watch these kids doing the most pointless cleaning I have ever seen. They are pretty much just making the floors wetter, none the cleaner. So I must wait to play with the kids until this task is complete, when the floor is left just as dirty.

And, I am left going crazy.