An English Epidemic

IMG_7813“The acceptance of the English names represents a movement towards civilization to the people.”

Most of the children I have met so far probably have Kenyan names, but they all introduce themselves by their Christian/English names. I have to admit, while their use of English makes things a lot easier on me, I am somewhat let down. I really expected to pick up some Kiswahili while here, but I have not had the chance. I feel silly using their language when they do not even use it.

Also, there are so many children (150). If you know me, you know how bad I am at remembering names. It has nothing to do with some of them being hard to pronounce. I think it might be easier if I knew their Kenyan names. Then they might stick out a little more. But, I am left with learning the names of 150 children who all wear the same uniform and sometimes the only way I know if it is a girl or boy is that the girls wear skirts.

I hate not being able to remember their names. Even the little kids that hang on me all the time. I remember one of their names, but I can never remember which one he is.

It is no fair. They have only one or two new names to learn. I have 150+.